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Welcome to Gaia Tours!

Considering a safari to Africa, a vacation to Central America, a journey to South America, an escorted tour of Europe, a trek to the Himalayas, a beach vacation to the South Pacific, a cruise to Alaska, a train trip across the Rocky Mountains, a custom vacation to your favorite destination, or ...?

Gaia Tours will create your custom trip to meet your expectations and your budget. We are committed to finding the best destinations suited for your needs AND the best value for your money.





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Gaia Tours can help you arrange to take a tour. Gaia Tours can help you arrange your custom vacation or the trip of your dreams. When you take a custom tour, you can see many exciting parts of the world and visit either one or many, many countries. You can select a guided tour. On a guided tour you will have someone who knows the sites very well help you and teach you. Another term for guided tours is escorted tours. Or, you can select a group tour. On a group tour you will join family, friends, or new acquaintances to explore the planet together. A guided tour or a group tour can have many themes. The travel can be for spiritual, personal, ecological, social, sociological, or any reason you choose. Gaia Tours can help you plan your vacation, whether it is a custom vacation, a custom tour, or a trip with a special interest or special need. The best vacation of your dreams is possible. Working with us to create your custom itinerary allows you to have the best possible experience. Your vacation is specifically tailored to your needs and desires. The vacation is truly personalized for your benefit. Choose from a single place or from multiple destinations. Travel by car, by plane or jet, by train, or by cruise ship, to name a few. Anywhere in the world that you would like to visit; we can help you travel there. Where would you like to go? africa, alaska, europe, england, canada, asia, usa, united states, hawaii, south america, central america, south pacific, australia, new zealand