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J A M A I C A  J A M !

A Drumming, Dancing, and Yoga
Retreat in an Island Paradise
February 5-11, 2005

Drum Playshops: Journey deep into the rhythms of your Soul. In these exciting playshops participants will discover the power of rhythm to create ecstatic states, promote mind-body wellness, connect to Spirit within and to the hearts of others. We will explore together the roots of Reggae and African Cultural Rhythms as well as create our own music in the moment. All can participate successfully regardless of previous experience.

Flow Yoga and Aqua Yoga: Take your practice to a new level with talented and inspirational guidance. Yoga options: Flow Yoga - Pranayama (breathwork), Hatha (poses) and guided meditation. Aqua Yoga combines cardio movements, Yoga poses and fluid stretching supported by warm water.

Aquatic Massage: Learn to give and receive a soothing massage in warm water that is deeply relaxing, frees the spine, calms the mind and opens the heart. Facilitated by licensed Watsu practitioners.

NIA Dance Experience: Have fun, get fit and experience the joy of movement under masterful NIA instructor leadership! Nia combines the dynamic power of martial arts, the creative expression of dance (Jazz & Modern dance), with the mind-body development of Yoga into an uplifting workout that feeds your soul!

Dance Experience:
Celebrate to the rhythms of life as we co-create music and dance in the moment! This is a journey of soul expression focused upon the elements and rhythms of nature. Combines freestyle drumming and movement into a journey of creative expression, heart connection and community celebration!

The Accommodations:
The Sunset Beach Resort is centrally located in the resort town of Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s northern coast and is only a scenic 90-minute ride from the Montego Bay International Airport. Ocho Rios is in the heart of a north coast region scattered with fern-clad cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls, not far from where Columbus landed more than 500 years ago. Accommodations are infused with all the natural wonder of the island and come complete with private balconies and ocean views. Activities are abundant both at the resort and throughout the island. For refreshing relaxation, three outdoor pools and a water sports center are available to cool you.