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A word about Gaia.

As some of you may know the word Gaia comes from Greek mythology. Gaia, the Greek goddess of the Earth, was not quite as well known as the most of the other gods or goddesses but certainly not any less significant. According to Greek legend, she was the goddess that drew the living world (earth) forth from chaos. Now that's pretty impressive. Additionally, a British biologist, by the name of James Lovelock while working with NASA, coined the phrase the "Gaia Hypothesis" in his first book, "Gaia, a new look at life on Earth." His premise simply put is that Gaia, the earth, is a living self-regulating, self-evolving bio-system.

I myself, Philip Friedman, founder and owner of Gaia Tours in searching for an appropriate name for my company felt that Gaia, was a perfect fit with my own philosophy. We are committed to providing tours that enrich and enhance the lives of the participants. Through experiencing the natural beauty of our planet and interacting with cultures sometimes very different than our own there becomes an opportunity to realize our connection to all of life. That in and of itself is transformational and we at Gaia stand for nothing short of that.

My background is both in the world of business as well as in the areas of personal and spiritual growth. I have been in the travel industry for over five years and am committed to providing the highest standard of tours to my participants.

Philip Friedman


Let Gaia Tours create the custom vacation of your dreams or your next group tour.